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Our next show will be on June 10, 2017 - Hadassah: the story of Esther Start thinking about summer workshops!
Welcome to the Quality Dance Program of Hosanna Dance, formerly MainStreet Dance of Ft Pierre, serving Pierre/Ft Pierre and the surrounding area since 2000 ... Your central South Dakota nationaly qualified ballet teachers
Quick glance at 2016/2017 schedule

T-shirt sign-up!

Here's the sign up for t-shirts!

We won't have a sign-up at the studio. Please pay online. If you absolutely cannot order online let me know. Last day to sign up for a shirt is May 15! I'll hand out shirts the last week of classes. 

If you are interested in supporting Hosanna Dance’s production of The Story of Esther...consider ordering a t-shirt!! (You must be able to pick up in Pierre.)

Runthroughs start Monday for everyone!

Tonight is the last regular class for Monday night dancers: Pre-Ballet, Ballet I, Ballet II.
Next week is May and that means Monday night run-throughs for ALL dancers. Make sure you are dressed and ready to go at 5:30. (pre-ballet can come at 5:45 and will hopefully be done by 7)
- Take your shoes off in the entry and put them in the "shoe bookcase"
- Hang up your jackets. They don't belong on the floor. Keep street clothes in your dance bag.
- Keep your bags clear of the heater in the changing area
- Don't stand and talk in the entrance or doorways. Once dressed, go into the studio to make room for others trying to come in.
- Check your dance bag for your shoes. Do you have your name in your shoes?
Runthroughs - Take advantage of this time and instead of talking, figure out where you need to be, when you should be there, when you need to change shoes, change costumes, use a prop, etc. Don't distract others or let others distract you.
It is also EXTREMELY important to make it to classes as we clean up dances.
Everyone must be at the studio Mondays in May, 5:30-8:00 pm.
(Pre-ballet only - Come at 5:45 and hopefully done by 7.)

Ballet I-V: Be dressed and on the floor ready to start at 5:30.
Monday Night Run-throughs
Run-throughs for Esther - at the studio for everyone
May 1, 8, 15, 22 and June 5
5:30-8:00 pm
-- May 29th no run-through. Memorial Day

Thursday, May 25
Photos at Bridget M Photography
1-5 pm
schedule to come

Friday, June 9
Esther Dress Rehearsal
Riggs Theatre
5:30-8:00 pm
Be at the theater by 5pm to get setup
Be downstairs, on stage, at 5:30 dressed in class clothes for warm-up and notes. Then costumes on.
Treat this like a performance. Have all your costumes, accessories, shoes, tights, etc. Hair should be back off the face in a bun.

Saturday, June 10
Esther Performance
Riggs Theatre
2 p.m. afternoon matinee & 7 p.m. evening performance
Dancers: Be at the theater by noon for the first performance. Be back at the theater by 5:30 for the second performance.

HD Newsletter, Spring Edition

Hosanna Dance Newsletter
Spring Edition 2017 104 E Pleasant Pierre Artistic Director, Sunny Hannum Vol 2

Spring has sprung!

Performance Time Nears We are going full throttle getting ready for Esther with only a month left until run through rehearsals. Josh, Sarah, and Ms Sunny have been teaching group dances on week nights and rehearsing solos, duets, trios, and pas de deux on weekends.

Remember, costumes have to be paid for & tuition current before your student can take their costumes home.

Even though most of our dancers are new to solo roles, they are taking to the challenge and progressing nicely. Sometimes when other dancers are not available, it gives students who are, a chance to spread their wings.

We are needing to borrow back white costumes from last year's pre-ballet group to use for this year's pre-ballet tap dance. this would be the sheep costumes and/or snowmen. Would you be so kind as to loan us these costumes and write your child's name on the tag so we can return them.

With the long lead time to get the spring show ready, we are finding we have time to teach the four lower levels a tap dance, much to their delight.
We are however, just one month out from May Run Through Rehearsals. As usual, these will be on Monday nights from 5:30 to 8:00 pm.

Summer Dance Once the show is over in June, we are not planning on having classes again until July. June is pretty busy with bible camps and the like. We are inviting any dancers who are interested in dancing during the month of June to attend the Cecchetti Camp with us, June 18-22, in Sioux Falls. It is for ages 9-adult. The cost before May 1st is $225. After May 1st cost is $275. A Cecchetti Camp brochure is coming soon! We encourage dancers that are serious about improving and growing as dancers to take advantage of workshops and summer intensives.

Cecchetti exams Kudos to Becca Brusven for passing her Grade II exam, Deni Zeeb and Gracie Zeeb for passing their Grade I/II Cecchetti exams in Sioux Falls March 18th! Deni and Gracie did combined grade I/II and Becca did grade II (she did her grade I last year). Ms Sunny accompanied them and they enjoyed a side trip to Dance Line dancewear store.

The Story of Esther
Esther: Jessica Saunders
Mordecai/Male Slave: Josh Easter
Queen Vashti: Kat Bruns
The King: Dustyn Klave
Haman: Owen Bremser
Jewish Women: Ballet V
Jewish Dancers: Ballet III
Queen Candidates: Ashlynn Guether, Deni Zeeb, Kat Bruns
Harem/Persian Dancers: Pre-Pointe/Beginning Pointe
Court Dancers: Ballet IV
Jewish Intercessors: Modern
Jewish Children: Ballet II
Palace Children: Ballet I
Jewish Children/Sheep: Pre-Ballet

Make sure you take a look at the calendar.

So it was, when the king saw Queen Esther standing in the court, that she found favor in his sight, and the king held out to Esther the golden scepter that was in his hand. Esther 5:2

HD Newsletter, New Year Edition

Hosanna Dance Newsletter
New Year Edition 2017 104 E Pleasant Pierre Artistic Director, Sunny Hannum Vol 1

Happy New Year!

We are still basking in the afterglow of two successful performances of "A Snow White Christmas" but have already begun preparing our minds for "Esther." We did this show six years ago (Spring 2010) but are planning on doing an entirely new version this time around. The Esther we did in 2010 had eight guys in it, but only one male dancer. We only have two older male dancers right now and had to call on Brad Bruns to do a major role in the December show of Snow White. Brad stepped in as he has in previous shows and did a fine job of portraying the Hunter in Snow White. I think he even surprised himself as he did some dance movement and partnering. Way to go, Brad! If anyone has a brother, father, or husband who is good at acting, we will have the following roles available: priest, scribe, assassin, Esther's friend, and two royal guards. I used the holiday break to finally get extra costumes and props put away from the December show, the costume closets reorganized, Christmas decorations put away, studio cleaned, and a new display done for "A Snow White Christmas." My wonderful assistants, Josh and Sarah, traveled to Florida with their parents to see relatives. That meant I got to teach their classes Thursday, December 22nd. I especially enjoyed teaching a jazz and tap class. The entire month of December was a relaxing month for Josh, Sarah, and I as we taught classes to Christmas music and some dances from the past. It was fun for everyone, teachers and students alike. Ms. Sunny, Ms. Sarah, and Mr. Josh will be traveling to Sioux Falls on January 6 to take students to pointe shoe fittings and to see Dance Gallery's performance of Coppelia on Saturday, January 7. Dancers traveling to Sioux Falls to get their first pair of pointe shoes are Mackenzie Sarratt, Gracie Zeeb, Jessica Saunders, and Olivia Chase. Make sure you take a look at the calendar. Several new students will be joining classes in January in every level except Ballet V. We will begin choreography in January and also resume Cecchetti technique studies in preparation for March and June testing. (Hosanna Dance is the only school in Pierre that offers this method that encourages students to be nationally examined. For more information on this method of ballet instruction, click here for the Cecchetti Council of America national website.)

Tentative Casting for Hadassah: The Story of Esther Esther: Kat Bruns
Mordechai: Josh Easter
Queen Vashti: Cassandra Ryckman / Alternate: Deni Zeeb
The King: Dustyn Klave
Haman: TBD
Priest/Scribe: John McVey
Angels & Jewish Women: Ballet V
Jewish Dancers: Ballet III
Vashti's Court: Intermediate Pointe
Persian Dancers: Pre-Pointe
Court Dancers: Ballet IV
Jewish Intercessors: Modern
Palace Children: Ballet II
Garden Nymphs: Ballet I
Jewish Children: Pre-Ballet

Yet who knows whether you have come to the kingdom for such a time as this?
Esther: 4:14

show viewing

"A SNOW WHITE CHRISTMAS" DVD SHOWING will be held at Magpie's Gathering Place (formerly Cup of Hope) in Fort Pierre this Sunday, December 11th at 5 p.m.  Refreshments will be served.  Come early to get a good seat.


Classes continue through December.
Christmas break starts December 23. Classes resume January 2.

Now accepting new student enrollment.

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