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We are in the process of updating the website for the 2017/2018 school year. Please call if you have any questions. _ . Save the date! Our next show will be our Nutcracker - The Greatest Gift of All. Mark your calendars for January 13, 2018 ...
Welcome to the Quality Dance Program of Hosanna Dance, formerly MainStreet Dance of Ft Pierre, serving Pierre/Ft Pierre and the surrounding area since 2000 ... Your central South Dakota nationaly qualified ballet teachers
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Studio Policy

There is a no food, snacks, candy, or drinks policy in the studio or dressing room except water bottles at break time and a candy treat after class. ABSOLUTELY NO GUM!


No street shoes are allowed beyond the entrance area.

Students must attend 80% of their classes to be in performances except in extreme cases due to injuries, long illnesses or long absences from the country. Students are invited to make up classes they have missed by taking an upper or lower level class. Please do not over-schedule yourself or have overlapping activities. You need to make it to your classes and be there on time.

Hosanna Dance reserves the right to schedule extra rehearsals for performances with proper notice given and at no extra charge to parents. Upper level students receive extra tutoring and private instruction through these rehearsals at no cost to parents.


Class Etiquette:
- Receive permission from instructor before leaving class.
Wait for instructor’s permission to enter the studio when arriving late to class.
- No hanging on bars.
- Follow Hair Policy and Dress Code at all times.
- No “street” shoes on our dance floors! Dance shoes are not worn outside.
- No talking, running or horseplay during class. Students are expected to treat each other, instructors, and staff with the utmost respect.
- Keep a positive attitude.
- Have fun

- Parents need to take 3-5 year olds to the restroom before class begins.

Note: Parents should be quiet and respectful of others while in the studio or waiting area. Young children must be watched at all times while in the studio; parents of small children are responsible for their child’s behavior.

Communication:Make sure you pick up a newsletter when they are published. They will also be posted on the website.
Please check the website, Facebook, or bulletin board for postings on news and events or other updates. You may sign up to receive email notifications of new posts on the website. On the left side of this website see option to follow by email.

Tuition Payments:
Tuition fees are due by the first class of each quarter. If paying by the month, your payment is due by the first class of each month. A 15% late fee will be charged to accounts not paid in full by the first class of each month.

Attendance is taken in each class.
Students are invited to make up classes they have missed due to illness, injury, or family emergency by taking an upper or lower level class.
Students must attend 80% of their classes to be in performances except in extreme cases due to injuries and long illnesses. (This works out to missing no more than 6 classes the entire year -- Sept-May) 
 Please do not over-schedule yourself. You need to make it to your classes and be there on time.

Hosanna Dance, Pierre, SD
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Student Examinations

If you or your student are interested in getting started with Cecchetti student examinations let us know.

Ballet III and up are eligible to start working on Grade 1. Examinations take a lot of preparation, study, and commitment.
(Normally 1-2 years is spent studying per grade. More as you progress through the grades.)

Our studio is affiliated with the Cecchetti Council of America. All teachers hold certificates in the Cecchetti Method.

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