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Hosanna Dance LLC - partners Sunny Hannum, Sarah Easter, Joshua Easter

Artistic Director & Instructor

Sunny Hannum
ACCA, Qualified Associate Member of the CCA
Holds Teacher CCA Grade Certificates I-V

Miss Sunny grew up on a local cattle ranch and studied dance in her teens with Marjorie Forney. She studied all forms of dance at Jacobs Pillow University of Dance in Lee, MA as a scholarship student in 1961 and 1962. She was accepted as a dance major at the University of Utah in 1962 and performed in their productions of Peter Pan and the Nutcracker. In 1964 she joined Ballet Repertory in New York City under the direction of Thalia Mara and Arthur Mahoney and also performed with Radio City Music Hall Ballet in 1965. In 1966, she went to Europe as a member of Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo.

Miss Sunny danced in musicals on and off Broadway including Arabian Nights, Bagels & Yox Review, the Broadway musical Come Summer choreographed by Agnes de Mille, Call Me Madam, Dancing Waters Revue and Cabaret directed by Bert Convy.

For local theater groups, Miss Sunny has choreographed Anything Goes, The Amorous Flea, Guys & Dolls and Calamity Jane. She has directed all of MainStreet Dance Studio and Hosanna Dance productions: Hansel & Gretel, Babes In Toyland, Alice In Wonderland, Beauty & The Beast, Sleeping Beauty, The Deliverer (Prince of Egypt), A Midsummer Nights Dream, Follow the Yellow Brick Road (Oz), Hadassah: A Story of Esther, The Greatest Gift of All (Nutcracker), I'll Fly Away (Peter Pan), The Lion's Roar (Narnia), Sleeping Beauty: The Bride of Christ, He Lives in You: Lion King and Beware a Frozen Heart (Frozen), and A Snow White Christmas.

We added Cecchetti Ballet Method to our curriculum in 2013. Cecchetti training is a rigorous method which pays careful attention to the laws of anatomy. It develops all of the qualities essential to the dancer: balance, poise, strength, elevation, elasticity, “ballon”, etc. It is classic in its purity and clear-cut style.

Miss Sunny has completed teacher exams in Cecchetti Grade I-IV, and V/Professional Elementary levels and is currently working on Grade VI/Intermediate Professional level.  As an Associate Member of the Cecchetti Council of America she is a qualified Cecchetti method ballet teacher. Hosanna Dance is the only qualified studio in Central South Dakota. Miss Sunny attended the 2015 and 2016 Cecchetti International Teachers Seminar at Hope College in Holland, MI.

She also trained in the Vaganova (Russian) ballet technique having studied three years at the National Academy of Ballet in New York with Thalia Mara. She has also studied with Nemtchinova, Swaboda, Heinz Poll, Yurek Lazowski, Leon Danielian, Richard & Barb Thomas, Phil Black, Luigi (jazz master) and other excellent dance teachers in New York and Europe. She continues to attend state and regional dance workshops and has traveled to New York, Mississippi, and Kansas City to study dance and expose dance students to other teachers and dance forms.

Miss Sunny, like most professionals, believes it is necessary for every dancer to be well trained in ballet to really become good in any dance style.

Interview with Miss Sunny by BDancewear < here >


Sarah Easter
TCCA, Teacher member of the CCA

Holds Teacher CCA Grade Certificates I-III

Sarah has been at Hosanna Dance since 2006 and began assistant teaching in 2009 for the lower levels. She teaches pre-pointe & beginning pointe, modern, jazz and contemporary as well as some summer ballet, modern, and worship dance classes. Sarah and her brother Josh also teach guys classes.
Sarah has performed in multiple ballets the studio has produced and performed various lead roles such as the White Witch in Narnia, the Lilac Fairy in Sleeping Beauty and Sven in Frozen. She also enjoys teaching choreography and choreographing original pieces.

Sarah has completed her Cecchetti teacher's grade I, grade II and grade III exams. She is currently working on grade IV teachers. She attended the Cecchetti International Teachers Seminar at Hope College in Holland, MI, in July 2015 and again in 2016. Sarah is a Teacher Member of the Cecchetti Council of America.

She completed Harkness Center for Dance Injuries and NYU School of Medicine's course - Principles of Dance Medicine Pointe Readiness and strongly believes in teaching correct pointe technique, alignment, and strength. Dancers must have a good foundation of ballet technique. Teachers must not sacrifice the safety of the student by teaching "a dance." Pointe shoes are a tool that must be used wisely and not treated simply as "cute costuming."

Sarah attends state and regional dance workshops including Dance Network of SD, Cecchetti Northern Plains workshops, and Ballet Magnificat! and has traveled to Dramatic Truth summer intensives in Kansas City as well as Dance Gallery of South Dakota in Sioux Falls and the Cecchetti International Summer Course. She has studied with instructors from New York, Chicago, Mississippi, Oklahoma, Kansas City, Houston, and North Carolina...

Sarah has blessed Hosanna Dance with her research and growing knowledge of dance styles, technique, and instruction and is passionate about the importance of anatomy, strength and proper technique in dance training.

Joshua Easter
TCCA, Teacher member of the CCA
Holds Teacher CCA Grade Certificates I-III

Josh started training at MainStreet Dance of Ft Pierre (now Hosanna Dance of Pierre) with Ms. Sunny in Fall 2007 in men/boys ballet and pas de deux classes. Previous to that he performed the pantomime role of the Toymaker for MainStreet Dance's Babes in Toyland Christmas special in 2006 and was the stage manager for The Deliverer (Prince of Egypt) Spring 2007.

He has since performed in the Joyland Christmas Special, Midsummer Night's Dream, Follow the Yellow brick Road (Wizard of Oz), Hadassah: the story of Esther, The Greatest Gift of All (Nucracker), I'll Fly Away (Peter Pan), The Lion's Roar (Narnia-The Lion, Witch, and the Wardrobe) Spring & Winter performances, Sleeping Beauty:The Bride of Christ, and He Lives in You (Lion King), The Deliverer (Prince of Egypt), and Beware a Frozen Heart (Frozen).

Josh has performed various leading roles including Tin Man (Oz), Mordecai (Esther), Captain Hook (Peter Pan), Prince Desire' (Sleeping Beauty), Aslan (Narnia), Mufasa/Simba (Lion King), Moses (The Deliverer), and Kristoff (Frozen).

Josh has completed his Cecchetti teacher grade I, grade II and grade III. He is currently working on grade IV. We started Cecchetti Method in 2013. He attended the Cecchetti International Teachers Seminar at Hope College in Holland, MI, in July 2016. Josh is a Teacher Member of the Cecchetti Council of America.

He attends state and regional dance workshops including Dance Network of SD, Cecchetti Northern Plains workshops at Dance Gallery of South Dakota, and Ballet Magnificat!, and travels to summer dance intensives at Dramatic Truth in Kansas City.

Josh and his sister Sarah are a great choreography and teaching team. Josh has a strong desire to share his love of dance with all. He believes dance offers the benefits of strength, coordination, balance, speed, agility, and musicality which are assets to athletes, musicians, and anyone at any age who wants to improve body awareness and control.

Hosanna Dance, Pierre, SD
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Student Examinations

If you or your student are interested in getting started with Cecchetti student examinations let us know.

Ballet III and up are eligible to start working on Grade 1. Examinations take a lot of preparation, study, and commitment.
(Normally 1-2 years is spent studying per grade. More as you progress through the grades.)

Our studio is affiliated with the Cecchetti Council of America. All teachers hold certificates in the Cecchetti Method.

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