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HD Newsletter, Dec 2011

Hosanna Dance Newsletter
Winter Edition 2011/2012 Pierre/Ft. Pierre Artistic Director, Sunny Holloway Vol 1V

Merry Christmas,

This time last year we were preparing The Greatest Gift of All for performance. This year we have been doing a lot of dancing for community requests but haven't had much new choreography to learn. That will soon change as we plunge into the dances for "Wardrobe."

Sarah, Josh and I have been comparing notes on various DVD versions, listening to music cds, and pouring over costume books which brings me to COSTUMES. I will be making costume orders out over the next two weeks. If you have not yet paid for costumes, please do so by the December 15th Deadline. I will have some extra costume charges for solo dancers/parts and jazz class. I will try to have statements prepared for those extra costumes by the 15th. IF YOU HAVE PAID FOR COSTUMES BUT ARE BEHIND ON CLASS PAYMENTS FOR THE FALL, I WILL HAVE TO APPLY YOUR RECITAL FEE TO CLASSES & WILL NOT BE ABLE TO ORDER COSTUMES FOR YOUR CHILD.

The Ballet Magnificat Workshop and Performance in Yankton at the end of October was a real highlight of our dance year. The advanced classes were small so there was plenty of room to dance. Not to mention the fun time we had dining out together and shopping.
Abbey Nold, Emily Plumage, sarah Easter, Josh Easter and Ms. Sunny did three dance pieces for the 12 hour Reformation Prayer Network worship at the Capitol Visitor's Center on 11/11/11. . . In Christ Alone, Your Great Name, and Shekinah.

We have a request to repeat these three dances on December 27th at St. John's for a presentation of song, music, dance and drams.

Thanksgiving weekend Josh and Sarah Easter and Ms. Sunny performed Shekinah twice for the SD Women's Prison with much appreciation from the inmates.

Preliminary Cast for Through the Wardrobe (Narnia)
Aslan -- Josh Easter
Springtime -- Emily Plumage
Winter/White Witch -- Sarah Easter
Mr Tumnus -- Devan Bruns
Maugrim/Fenris Ulf/Chief of the Secret Police -- Dana Trethaway
Lucy -- Cassandra Ryckman
Susan -- Abbey Nold
Peter -- Dustyn Klave
Edmund -- Josh Rykman
Father Christmas -- Chuck Easter
Mr. & Mrs. Beaver -- Josh & Sarah Easter
Pre Ballet -- Reindeer & Mice
Ballet II/III -- Leopards
Ballet IV -- Flowering Tree Spirits
Ballet V -- Snowflakes
Jazz Class -- Wolves
Trees - Parents

For unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given; And the government will be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.    --  Isaiah 9:6

HD newsletter, Oct 2011

Hosanna Dance 

Fall Edition 2011 TBA Pierre/Ft. Pierre Artistic Director, Sunny Holloway Vol 1

“Here we are, here we are, standing in Your Presence, Lord, send the fullness of Your Spirit. Let Your Glory come down.”  These are words from the wonderful song, Shekinah, that nine dancers danced to September 11 for the opening of the Kids Alive program at New Life Assembly.  We continued to do that dance piece all of September as the opening for the weekly Sunday morning productions. 
Shekinah proves to be as moving for the dancers and viewers as Your Great Name and we have already been asked to repeat these dances on 11/11/11 for an all day worship in the Captiol Rotunda and for midnight mass at St. John’s Catholic Church on Christmas eve.

Registrations for Hosanna Dance are still low for this time of year.  Deadline for late registrations is December 1st.  This is to allow costume orders to be placed in December for the April 20th show date.

The transient nature of attendance at the YMCA has affected our classes somewhat.  We are trying  to maintain the structure, discipline and commitment needed for a private studio ballet program.
The Y has been very gracious to rent us the multi purpose room and the aerobics room when it is available.  We have been able to fit our schedule in there fairly painlessly.

Five students, Ms. Sunny, and several adults plan on traveling to Yankton on Friday, October 28th to participate in an all day workshop Saturday with Ballet Magnificat and to see their Sunday performance of Deliver Us and The Arrival.  Emily Plumage, Abbey Nold, Mekell Rockwell, Sarah Easter, Josh Easter and Ms. Sunny will be taking classes.  Chuck and Marci Easter, Noreen Plumage, Lynde Rockwell and DeAnn Hilmoe plan to see the performance, also.

Preliminary Cast for Through The Wardrobe (Narnia)

Aslan/White Stag – Josh Easter
Springtime – Emily Plumage
Winter/White Witch Sarah Easter
Peter – Dustyn Klave
Susan –
Abbey Nold
Edmund – Josh Rykman
Lucy Cassandra Ryckman
Mr. Tumnus – Devan Bruns
Mr. & Mrs. Beaver – Josh & Sarah Easter
Wolves – Jazz class
Father Christmas – Chuck Easter
Pre Ballet – Mice & Reindeer
Ballet II/III – Flowering Tree Spirits
Ballet IV – Leopards
Ballet V – Snowflakes
Trees – Parents

For we are His workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand that we should walk in them.-- Eph 2:10

Fall Registration

Hosanna Dance
formerly MainStreet Dance of Ft. Pierre

Friday, September 2nd
2 to 4 p.m.
(Multi-Purpose Room)
900 E. Church St., Pierre

For information call 945-1044

Hosanna Dance Classes Begin September 6 (see schedule)

Late registrations will be taken at classes until September 31st.

No registrations will be taken after December 1st due to the early show dates of April 19& 20 for Through the Wardrobe (Narnia).

In Him we live and move and have our being.  -- Acts 17:28

Hosanna Dance Newsletter

3rd Edition 2011                                                                           Vol 1
* TBA, Pierre/Ft. Pierre * Artistic Director, Sunny Holloway *

Summer Greetings!

We did indeed "fly away" from 30 East Main, Ft. Pierre, due to roof problems there that the landlord does not want to fix. I began searching for a new location in July but with rentals tightened up due to the flood relocations, it has been hard to find an ideal spot for a dance studio. A couple of locations of interest are not available at this time... one in Ft. Pierre and one in Pierre. Thanks to Brad and Erika Bruns for storing the studio belongings.

As I continue to look, it has become apparent to me that we may be looking at a late start in the fall, perhaps even October 1st. I can understand if you are not willing to wait to sign up your dancers this year and want to enroll them elsewhere.

We are planning to do Narnia April 19th & 20th, 2012, and have reserved Riggs Theater for that event. The word is that there will be no dance recitals in May at Riggs and they would not let me book either of the last 2 weekends in April either... "saving it for school events."

Some of the advanced dancers and I, ten in all, have not ceased to dance all summer. Because we had evacuated the studio May 27th, the day before our performance, we had to move our practices to New Life Assembly of God sanctuary. We are grateful to them and thank them for their kindness. We are getting worship dances ready for Awaken Worship Fest at Riggs Theater, Saturday, August 13th, from 6 to 10 pm.

We also performed "I'll Fly Away" at New Life Assembly in June and "In Christ Alone" in July.

Ms. Sunny and Jenna Goehring drove to Kansas City July 10 where they attended a week of dance classes at Dramatic Truth, Christian School of the Arts in Missouri. The teachers were wonderful as was the student performance at the end of the week.

Side benefits of the trip included a visit to IHOP's (International House of Prayer) worship center and a stopover in Concordia, KS, where we walked through the beautiful gardens of the Nazareth Convent and viewed the magnificent structure surrounded by bigger than life statues.

Emily Plumage attended classes at Ballet Magnificat in Jackson, MS, the entire month of July. She also attended a week of dance classes in Bismarck, ND, at Northern Plains Ballet.

We have had the privilege of having Jenna Goehring home this summer to instruct us in modern dance and choreograph a new worship piece to "Your Great Name." Thank you, Jenna.

Also, a thank you to Noreen Plumage for hosting a Narnia evening of viewing dance dvds and munchies at her house Sunday, July 31st, attended by upper level dance students.

You have turned for me my mourning into dance;
- Psalm 30:11

2011/2012 Calendar

September 3
YMCA Multipurpose Room, 2-4

September 6
2011 Dance Classes Begin

Week of Oct 3
Parent Observation Week

Week of Nov 1
Parent Observation Week

Nov 24-27
Thanksgiving Break

Week of Dec 5
Parent Observation Week

December 15th
Deadline for Costume Fees

Dec 23 - Jan 1
Christmas Break

2012 Dance Classes
Begin Monday, Jan 2

Mondays, Apr 2, 9, & 16

Run Thru Rehearsals for Through the Wardrobe
5:30-8:00 pm, YMCA multipurpose room

Thursday, April 19
Dress Rehearsal
5:30-8:00 pm, Riggs Theatre

Friday, April 20 - Performance Day
Riggs Theatre:
Makeup - 5:00 pm
Warmup - 6:00 pm
Costumes on - 6:30 pm
Performance of Through the Wardrobe - 7:00 pm

The Greatest Gift of All in pictures - Act I

On Christmas Eve guests brave the cold streets on their way to the Schultz's annual Christmas party.
They greet a blind beggar on the way.

The guests arrive and Mrs. Schultz hands out ornaments for the children to decorate the tree

Excitement builds as they ready for the lighting of the tree

Everyone is awed when Mr. Schultz magically lights the tree

 the fun and dancing begins

ballet I
Mr Schultz  dances with his daughter Claire
ballet II / III   Claire's brother Fritz surrounded by girls

a mysterious stranger arrives...
 who is revealed to be Grandpa

who brings presents for the children 

 Everyone loves gifts

 pre ballet


teddy bears are pefect gifts for little girls

Claire dances with her doll

fighting? oh no
Concerned by the squabling among the children Grandpa tells the story of the real meaning of Christmas
The Greatest Gift of All

the adults dance

Grandpa does a wild jig
Time for the guests to go home - thanks for coming

After the party Claire falls asleep reading her bible and has a incredible dream...
Angels and Demons (Flies) are about
 big bad guy (Beelzebub Lord of the Flies) arives
 He and his Fly minions attack Claire 

Help arrives on the scene - Michael the Archangel and the Angel Troops
Battle begins

and we know who wins

 Beelzebub and his minion flies are defeated
The Archangel presents the Sword of the Spirit (which is the Word of God) to Claire

 The Bible comes alive before Claire's very eyes as she sees Mary and Joseph on their journey to Bethlehem

 Mary dances in praise to God  
Next Claire joins the shepherds ... what's that?

The heavenly host appears before them bringing the news of the Savior's birth

They lead the shepherds to the manager ...

to where the gift is born
coming up...
the Holy Spirit comes and leads Claire...

to the heavenly kingdom where the nations come to worship the Lord before His throne... 

Student Examinations

If you or your student are interested in getting started with Cecchetti student examinations let us know.

Ballet III and up are eligible to start working on Grade 1. Examinations take a lot of preparation, study, and commitment.
(Normally 1-2 years is spent studying per grade. More as you progress through the grades.)

Our studio is affiliated with the Cecchetti Council of America. All teachers hold certificates in the Cecchetti Method.

Dance Dreams Realized
At Any Age
Come dance with us...
In Him we live and move and have our being. Acts 17:28