Thank you for coming to see our Nutcracker, Greatest Gift of All, performances! ... Our spring recital will be in-house Saturday, May 20, at 3pm. ...
Welcome to the Quality Dance Program of Hosanna Dance, formerly MainStreet Dance of Ft Pierre, serving Pierre/Ft Pierre and the surrounding area since 2000 ... * Your central South Dakota nationally qualified ballet teachers *
Quick glance at 2017/2018 schedule

Sleeping Beauty/ Bride t-shirts

We will place another order for the Sleeping Beauty/Bride t-shirts if we can get an order for at least 15 t-shirts.

Mid-May News

Next week:
We have one more Monday run through at the studio on May 20. Dress Rehearsal will be at Riggs on Friday, May 24, at 5 pm.
Schedule for Performance days:
Saturday, May 25, 2013
The Bride of Christ (Sleeping Beauty) Performance
Riggs Theatre
Makeup: 5 pm
Warm up: 6 pm
Curtain: 7 pm

Sunday, May 26, 2013
The Bride of Christ Performance
Riggs Theatre
Makeup: 12 noon
Warm up: 1 pm
Curtain: 2 pm

Spring 2014 Performance

Christmas Showcase 2013 TBA

SUMMER CLASSES at the Studio
Two Summer Dance Camps will be offered and registration forms will be available at the studio in May: The 1st Camp will run from June 3-21 and the 2nd Camp will run from July 15-August 15 on Tuesday & Thursday nights as follows:
Beginning/Intermediate Ballet & Tap 5:30 - 6:30 pm 
Advanced Ballet & Jazz/Tap 6:30 - 8:00 pm
The cost of summer dance is $10 a class or $47.70 for each session. The first session will be shorter because of the Cecchetti workshop in Sioux Falls that some of us are going to the last week of June.

* We will be practicing The King Is Coming and Shekinah on either Tuesday or Thursday (or both) for those who are at the advanced class. We will be performing those 2 dances for the Aglow Retreat at New Life on June 21st & 22nd.

Summer Intensive opportunities
Ms. Sunny and some of the advanced students are once again planning to travel to Kansas City, MO, for the first week of the Dramatic Truth Summer Intensive July 7-13. 

Dance Gallery in Sioux Falls is having a summer Cecchetti intensive June 24-27th.  It is set up so that each day has a 30 minute conditioning class, 1-1/2 hour Cecchetti ballet class (in your level), and an alternative class in jazz, hip hop, modern, etc. 

Performance Guidelines


Performance Guidelines

Stay organized.

The week before make sure to gather everything that will be needed and put in your dance bag. Gather all costumes, accessories, shoes, tights, makeup, hair supplies (no glitter please unless your costume specifically calls for it). If you don't know how to make a ballet bun please speak with Ms Sunny or Ms Sarah and they can give you some tips.

Label all belongings: costumes, accessories, tights, and shoes. All strings in ballet shoes should be knotted, cut to about an inch in length, and tucked into the shoes so they cannot be seen.

REMEMBER, treat dress rehearsal as a performance. Wear the correct costumes, tights, undergarments, shoes, hair, etc. Have your hair in a proper ballet bun (no mussy buns, bouncy sock buns, ponytails, dangling hair, or side tendrils). Very short hair needs to be pinned back. Avoid glitter sprays.

Keep all your personal items in one area – bag or backpack is very helpful for younger students. If you have a lot of costumes and accessories a small laundry hamper may help. Place costumes in a garment bag for travel.

Female dancers will be expected to bring at least one extra pair of clean tights in case of stains, runs, tears, or holes. Girls, do not wear underwear under your tights - your tights are your underwear. Bras should be nude colored and if possible have clear straps. Undergarments should NOT be visible! For students in multiple dances, a nude camisole leotard is recommended. This helps to avoid feeling uncomfortable during quick changes.

Guys wear a dance belt.

No nail polish, watches, bracelets/ankle bracelets, rings, necklaces, or other jewelry. A simple stud earring may be allowed but you must first ask your instructor for that particular dance/costume and may need to be removed for your other dances. Avoid glitter sprays.

Do not touch or move props that are not yours! If you use a prop make sure you know where it is before each performance. Respect other students’ space and property in the dressing rooms. Stay organized and keep your things together.

Get a good rest! You need your body and your brain to be in tip-top shape.

Be on time so you have plenty of time to dress, warm-up, and be ready for any pre-performance notes. Do not miss warm-up and notes because of hair or makeup. Use the restroom upon arrival. Do not hold up the bathroom for those who need it by using it as your personal dressing room.

Pay attention to when you are supposed to be on stage and be available on time. Know your quick changes! Treat dress rehearsal as a performance and use it to make sure everything works, looks good, and sort out any mid-performance costume issues.
Backstage assistants will help the young children be ready for their cues. Stay in your designated area so people are not running around looking for you. Do not go into the auditorium. Students and helpers must remain backstage/in dressing rooms during performance nights. No running in and out of the auditorium during performances.

Pick up after yourself – everyone tends to move very quickly through the backstage area and clutter is dangerous.  Keep your things together and not strewn around the dressing room. Do not throw costumes or any accessories on the floor. Keep clothes hung up or in your bag or hamper, not on the floor.

Just like at the studio, when you are at the theater the dressing room is for changing clothes, not the restroom in the dressing room. Please keep the restroom open for people that need to go to use it.

If you create garbage and there’s no trash can, tuck it into your dance bag to dispose of later. Do not throw papers, tissues, wrappers or anything else on the floor. Pick up after yourself!


Getting ready for performances: Respect your costumes! When you finish a piece, your costume should be hung up or placed in your "basket." NEVER throw your costume on the floor and allow others to trample on it! If you have a quick change you may lay it over a chair or drape it on a hanger and come back to hang up later... but take care to make sure it is protected (and doesn't get lost) in that short time. -- a small laundry basket may help you keep your things together and not strewn around the dressing room -- 

If performing more than once, organize everything all over again after the first performance, before leaving, so you are ready for the next performance either later that day or the next day. Check over everything all over again when you get back to make sure all is still where it should be. 

After final performance always gather up all your costumes & their bags, accessories, shoes, and anything else you brought and take home. Return borrowed items. Check the gift tables. Put garbage in a garbage can. Pick up after yourself!!!

Keep track of your things and RETURN anything that you borrowed from another dancer or belongs to the studio.


Wear hair in a nice sleek ballet bun or possibly a french twist. It should continue the shape of your head rather than stick out away from the head. No messy buns, sock buns, or "doorknob looking" buns, dangling tendrils, or prom hair. Hair should be neat, clean, secure, smoothed back and off the face and neck. Use hairspray to keep hair smoothed back and control flyaways. You will need hair elastics and bobby pins or hair pins (depending on your hair). A hairnet may also be needed to keep hair in your bun flat and under control. Do not use hair clips, barrettes, or only elastics to secure your bun. Low bun, high bun, or french twist may depend on your costume accessories/hats/headpieces.

Ask Ms Sunny or Ms Sarah for help if you are having trouble getting your hair into a ballet bun.

Here are some videos that may help:

Video - Basic Ballet Bun
Video - Ballet Hair Styles (incls High Bun, Low Bun, French Twist, Classical "Giselle" Style)Video - Short Hair Bun
view more bun (and stage makeup) videos here

Student Examinations

If you or your student are interested in getting started with Cecchetti student examinations let us know.

Ballet III and up are eligible to start working on Grade 1. Examinations take a lot of preparation, study, and commitment.
(Normally 1-2 years is spent studying per grade. More as you progress through the grades.)

Our studio is affiliated with the Cecchetti Council of America. All teachers hold certificates in the Cecchetti Method.

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At Any Age
Come dance with us...
In Him we live and move and have our being. Acts 17:28