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HD Newsletter, Spring 2012

Hosanna Dance Newsletter
Spring Edition 2012 Pierre/Ft. Pierre Artistic Director, Sunny Holloway Vol 1

Think Spring,

Wow! It's hard to believe that spring and our April show are just around the corner. Costumes have begun to arrive without any problem due to address change. Praise the Lord!

Costumes will be given out at class time in April as soon as they are here. A couple of orders may not arrive until the 2nd week of April.

PLEASE NOTE: Run Through Rehearsals have been moved from Monday nights to the first two Friday nights in April in the multi-purpose room from 5:30-8 p.m. Pre Ballet does not need to come until 6 p.m. All other dancers will need to be there for warm-up at 5:30 p.m.

The reason for the change of plans is that the YMCA has scheduled a class after our 5:30 class on Mondays and Friday night was the only night where we had a two hour time slot reserved for classes. Thank you for your understanding.

We continue to progress with choreography. There are still some special dance numbers to teach, a finale dance, a second jazz dance, a trio, a couple of duets and battle dance. AND WE PRESS ON TOWARD THE MARK.

It is our plan to do this show again in December on the weekend of the 15th. And yes, we have reserved the dates already. We have other dance numbers we would like to add to the show.

Sarah and Josh Easter and I have been to the studio storage unit to do a search for props and costume accessories for this show and God is just so amazing. You would have to see the small space, crammed to the top, to understand but i was able to put my hands on everything we needed.

Josh and Sarah Easter, Abbey Nold, Emily Plumage and Ms. Sunny danced In Christ Alone and Shekinah for St. John's Catholic Church the last week of December.

Several of us are looking at the summer intensives in Kansas City, MO, and Jackson, MS.

Cast for the Lion's Roar (Narnia)
Aslan -- Josh Easter
Springtime -- Emily Plumage
White Witch/Jadis -- Sarah Easter
Mr. Tumnus -- Devan Bruns
Maugrim -- Dana Trethaway
Lucy - Cassandra Ryckman
Susan -- Abbey Nold
Peter -- Dustyn Klave
Edmund -- Josh Ryckman
Father Christmas -- Chuck Easter
Mr. & Mrs. Beaver -- Josh & Sarah Easter
Bluebird -- Kaitlyn Anderson
Pre Ballet - Reindeer & Mice
Ballet III - Leopards
Ballet IV -- Flowering Tree Spirits
Ballet V -- Snowflakes
Jazz - Turkish Delight & Sacrifice Dances
Trees - Parents

Congratulations to Lindsey Bishop on being promote to pointe. We miss you, Lindsey.
Behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has prevailed to open the scroll and to loose its seven seals.   -- Rev 5:5

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